We at RegenArtis,

are developing in vitro human skin disease models by 3D Bioprinting, which closely recapitulates anatomical features of human skin, that can be used for screening new therapeutics/cosmetics.

Company Overview

RegenArtis is one of the pioneer 3D tissue remodeling companies currently focusing on different ailing phenotypic alterations of healthy skin. With our strong suit in 3D Bioprinting, we aim to develop personalized, cutting-edge drug screening platforms in collaboration with different pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. First of its kind in India, our prime agenda lies in accelerating the lab-to-market leap of a wide range of drugs and cosmetic products by speeding up their Research and Development process through animal-free clinical trials.  Our vision and mission have been strongly supported by the country’s premier biotechnology innovation agency, BIRAC.

RegenArtis Models

Our 3D Bioprinted skin models reflect the anatomically relevant undulated morphology at dermis-epidermis junction, express basement membrane-specific proteins for several weeks. Our disease models are the most advanced models on the market. Our new state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities enable production and analysis of these human cell-based in vitro models at a quality and scale to meet industrial demand.

3D Bioprinted Hypertrophic
Skin Scar Model

The three-dimensional in-vitro skin scar model developed by us successfully recapitulated the complex microarchitecture and pathophysiology of native scarred skin. The precise patterning of ECM using 3D Bioprinting ..read more

3D Bioprinted Aging Skin Model

A wide constellation of factors like cellular senescence marked with the transformation of active ECM synthesizing fibroblast cells to senescent phenotype and loss of elastic property of collagen in the ..read more

3D Bioprinted Psoriasis Model

A psoriasis skin tissue is characterized by enhanced proliferation of keratinocytes and angiogenesis followed by infiltration of immune cells. Our fabricated 3-dimensional psoriasis tissue model demonstrated these crucial features ..read more